Previous voyages

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RV Yokosuka Voyage YK13-05 to the Cayman Trough with DSV Shinkai 6500,
as guests of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology (June-July 2013).

Included first manned missions to deep-sea vents of the Cayman Trough,
and first dive by a British person to more than 5 km deep.

RRS James Cook Voyage 82, returning to the world's deepest known undersea volcanic vents with the Isis ROV (February 2013).

RRS James Cook Voyage 80, returning to Antarctic deep-sea vents with the Isis ROV (December 2012). Unfortunately Jon Copley was not able to run TheseAreTheVoyages for this expedition, but the National Oceanography Centre hosted a blog from the ship, available here. And below are some video highlights from RRS James Cook Voyage 42 to the Antarctic vents, which took place just before this website began.

RRS James Cook Voyage 67, visiting the first deep-sea vents found on the Southwest Indian Ridge (November 2011).

RV Celtic Explorer Voyage CE11009, revealing the first deep-sea vents on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge north of the Azores (July-August 2011). Unfortunately our usual live web outreach was not possible from the RV Celtic Explorer, but you can read about the expedition's discoveries here, and see some video highlights below.

RRS James Cook Voyage 55, exploring deep-sea chemosynthetic ecosystems around Antarctica (January-February 2011).

RRS James Cook Voyage 44, revealing the world's deepest known volcanic vents, 3.1 miles beneath the waves in the Cayman Trough (March-April 2010).

Cayman Trough

Join our expedition to the world's deepest and strangest undersea vents in the Cayman Trough.
What did we investigate?